As independent company for Change Management and Leadership Development we are a reliable and longterm-oriented partner for our customers. We make sure that our customers tackle and implement their relevant changes. That's how we make organisations and above all people even better and fit for the future.

As a partner-driven company we bundle our expertise from 20 years of practical experience respectively in consulting, training, the service as well as the industry sector to support companies of all sizes and across all sectors.

  • We offer clear benefits to our clients: effective changes and executives/managers who are fit for the future.
  • We combine hard economic methods with soft psychological methods.
  • We offer implementable consulting and training services related to all questions around Leadership and Change Management.
  • We offer orientation in the "jungle of change" to our clients and help for self-help by a broad range of original methods for sensibilisation, qualification and mobilisation of employees.

we are orange

- what the orange stands for

Oranges are healthy, taste great, represent freshness and provide valuable vitamins. That's what we as the change factory team want to be like: do something good for your company with fresh ideas.  

To reach the juicy fruit flesh, first the skin has to be peeled off. Change and Leadership issues are similar: first you have to make your way through the surface to reach to the core of the challenge.